Barnacle Systems begins delivery of their new BRNKL Mate product.

The BRNKL Mate merges the ‘smart home’ with the ‘smart boat’ through innovation partnerships.

 Victoria, BC – Barnacle Systems, the award-winning BRNKL boat security and monitoring system manufacturer, today began delivering BRNKL Mate, a new expansion device for their flagship BRNKL product. Mate connects a BRNKL system to third-party smart home sensors and other wireless devices, including an initial partnership with Samsung SmartThings devices. “We see a lot of boaters struggling, and failing, to install smart home devices on their boats,” says Brandon Wright, CEO of Barnacle Systems. “We want to make it easy for anybody to add a trusted smart home device to their boat in order to provide additional peace of mind”. The Mate supports additional wired connections to a BRNKL setup, supporting two cameras, and an Iridium satellite antenna.

The BRNKL Mate initially supports these wireless devices:

  • Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor– a door/window sensor with a built-in temperature sensor. For main entry doors, engine room doors, and lockers.
  • Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor– a motion sensor with a built-in temperature sensor. For the main salon or pilothouse.
  • Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor– a water leak sensor with a built-in temperature sensor. To detect water in spaces that are hard to access.
  • BRNKL Wireless Keypad– a wall-mounted keypad. To arm and disarm BRNKL security features while on board.
  • BRNKL Wireless Key Fob– a small key fob. To arm and disarm BRNKL security features while on board.

Barnacle Systems’ flagship product, BRNKL, is a security and monitoring system with global cellular connectivity. It monitors a boat’s critical systems like battery banks, bilge pumps, and shore power connections. It also tracks a boat’s boat GPS position and allows users to check in with an outdoor-rated camera.

To learn more about the BRNKL click here.

To learn more about the BRNKL Mate click here.

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