A cropped and zoomed image taken of the burglar by a BRNKL infrared camera.

BRNKL Catches Burglar in France

There’s a first for everything – and in this case, this was the first burglar that was captured by a BRNKL boat security system.

“Our boat got robbed in July a bit after the BRNKL install. We got a bit lucky in a way as the robbers were caught on the infrared camera pointed at the door. The police thought they recognized the guy who had a criminal record and they busted him.” says Yannick, the owner of the sailboat. The system was self-installed by Yannick and includes a BRNKL and door sensor that automatically triggered photographs to be taken of the burglar. “The Barnacle team was very pleased to hear that the system helped Yannick and the local authorities” explains Sean Battistoni, Barnacle Systems’ Head of Sales. “Burglars still aren’t expecting to encounter security systems on boats at this time, so I’m sure it was a shock to this individual when the photographs emerged of him being caught red-handed.”

Yannick uses the system while cruising through Europe and south towards Africa. “We have been in six countries so far and BRNKL worked well. We had to restart our cell phones in Portugal to get our phones online, but did not need to do anything to get BRNKL online as we crossed borders.” Yannick explains. The team at Barnacle Systems is proud of the global cellular connectivity that is provided within the BRNKL device, as of January 2020 the device has come online in nearly 20 countries throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and Africa.

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