Boat Security System Review

As we do our weekly (if not daily) Google keyword trend analysis, we found that boaters want to see more boat security system reviews!

We are fortunate enough to have wonderful relationships with our customers (as an aside: we like to consider ourselves a customer service company that sells boat security equipment, a page out of the Zappos playbook) and made a call for video testimonials of our boat security system.

We learned that one of our favorite YouTube channels, MV Freedom Seattle, already had a video in the works! We were hoping for quick 20-second clips but were surprised to receive a 14-minute install video/testimonial/review of the BRNKL and BRNKL Mate boat security and monitoring systems. Shawn walks through the entire unboxing and installation process of their BRNKL that they purchased after a rash of boat break-ins at their marina in 2020.

Shawn in the middle of the boat security system install.

Now that home security systems and ‘smart homes’ are becoming more commonplace, it’s becoming more common for boaters to transition those products to their boats as boat security systems.

We have learned that a large number of boaters will try to incorporate a home security system on their boat, which is full of challenges around internet connectivity (when was the last time you had good marina WiFi?) and reliability in the marine environment.

What a boater misses out on when using a home security system on their boat includes, but not limited to, battery bank monitoring, bilge monitoring, and humidity monitoring.

Now, you may say, “Brandon, I could just put a water leak sensor in my boat for bilge monitoring!”, but as we have seen countless times: water leak sensors will produce false alarms in a damp bilge compartment… Boats aren’t as dry as we think.

Then you might say, “OK Brandon, but I can surely find a humidity sensor,” well that’s more difficult than it sounds! There are a very limited number of smart home products that provide humidity monitoring, the majority that we found require you to do some custom programming or integration in order to add them to your smart home system.

So, what if we told you that at Barnacle Systems, we have developed a ‘smart home’ solution for your boat that works on 12/24V DC systems to monitor your battery banks and has dedicated inputs to monitor your boat’s bilge pumps?

The BRNKL boat security system has the following core components:

  • GPS tracking with geofence alerts
  • Battery bank monitoring
  • Bilge monitoring
  • Camera
  • Cabin monitoring (temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure)
  • Pitch/heel monitoring
  • Impact monitoring

The BRNKL communicates through a built-in global cellular SIM card that has followed boats through 30 countries. Our customers have crossed the Atlantic, cruised the Caribbean, explored South East Asia, rounded the horn, and ventured the Panama Canal.

A boat security system that follows you anywhere you go.

If you’re looking for wireless sensors and an additional camera for your boat security system, consider adding a BRNKL Mate to your system that supports:

  • Wireless door/window sensors
  • Wireless motion sensors
  • Wireless water leak sensors
  • A second camera

Adding the BRNKL Mate takes only a few minutes and adding sensors takes seconds!

Interested in a boat security system?

Our team of engineers are available to help customize a boat security system for your boat, support your (or your marine electrician’s) install, or available to talk about security best practices!

If you’d like to speak with our team we encourage you to schedule a demo with us!

Common installations

Having systems sold all over the world, we’ve noticed some trends. Below is the most common package purchased by boats between 40 and 70 feet.


Brandon Wright is the Founder and CEO of Barnacle Systems, a Victoria-based boat security and monitoring electronics manufacturer that was recently
named as one of 2020’s top 10 most innovative companies in the marine industry. Brandon’s a remote monitoring subject matter expert who’s developed systems to protect royal palaces, the borders of countries, and US air force bases. Brandon’s passions for remote monitoring and boating collided after his treasured Catalina sailboat broke moorage on a cold January night in 2017 sparking the idea for the BRNKL line of products.