App Updates

We here at Barnacle Systems are constantly working to improve our customers experience.  To that end we are excited to announce two new features Analog Input Types and Alert Sorting in version 4.5.0.

Analog Input Types

No two boats are designed the same – some boats have multiple bilges, some have multiple battery banks, and some have virtually nothing! The Barnacle team is addressing these varying configurations by adding Analog Input Types.  Now, you have you have the ability to monitor multiple bilge pumps, monitor ignition switches, and monitor various other 12-24VDC sensors.  Battery slots 2 to 4 can now be configured as the following “Analog Sensor Type”:

  • Battery
  • Bilge
  • Ignition
  • Other

When you choose the type “Other” you are also able to select an alert “Trigger Value”.  This “Trigger Value” determines whether your sensor has moved into a “High” or “Low” state, for example, if you set the Trigger Value to 5V and the sensor is outputting 12V the BRNKL will identify that this sensor is in its “High” state and will display the “High Name” in your stats grid (for a smoke detector, this would normally mean that the smoke detector is currently in an “Alarm” state).  If you’re using this input as an additional battery bank, then you can simply leave the “Analog Sensor Type” as “Battery”.

Alert Sorting

A common question the team received was “Why can’t I sort my alerts and see the newest ones first?”  We are happy to say that now you can!

About Barnacle Systems Inc.

Barnacle Systems Inc. is a security and monitoring company based in Victoria, BC, Canada. The team at Barnacle has developed an innovative new product, BRNKL, for boat owners who need to be able to check in on their vessel remotely from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Like a “home security system for your boat”, users can see inside of their vessel using an on-board camera while also monitoring critical alerts such as anchor drag, low batteries, loss of shore power and high-water. Unlike standard marine electronics that provide monitoring while on board, Barnacle Systems provides a global cellular service for remote monitoring. Whether you’re at the dock, at home, or halfway around the world your boat is at your fingertips.

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