BRNKL Featured on Sailing Delos

“Have you ever wondered what your boat is up to when you’re not around? For the last year, we’ve been testing a remote security and monitoring system from BRNKL to keep on eye on Delos 🧐 It’s especially handy and reassuring when you get to the top of the mountain and see white caps below! 💨⛵️” – Brian, SV Delos

The crew at Barnacle Systems has been proud to know that BRNKL has been protecting SV Delos. We have been big fans of their YouTube channel and are happy to know that their vessel is being monitored whether the crew is on board or on land exploring some new part of the world.

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Barnacle Systems’ flagship product, BRNKL, is a security and monitoring system with global cellular connectivity. It monitors a boat’s critical systems like battery banks, bilge pumps, and shore power connections. It also tracks a boat’s boat GPS position and allows users to check in with an outdoor-rated camera.

To learn more about the BRNKL click here.