Harbour Patrol tracks their fleet of boats with BRNKL

BRNKL (pronounced ‘barnacle’) provides real-time GPS monitoring for Transport Canada’s fleet of rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIBs) in the Port of Victoria, known widely as the Victoria Harbour. This is one of Canada’s most diverse harbours, Victoria Harbour controls traffic and provides patrol for cruise ships, seaplanes, passenger ferries, tugs and barges, kayaks and canoes, and recreational boats. The Victoria Harbour is managed by Harbour Master Mariah McCooey, who is responsible for enforcing regulations to ensure the safety of navigation and to secure the harbour.

Harbour Patrol is vital to maintaining detailed traffic schemes and maximizing safety for boaters of all kinds. The installation of BRNKL on their RHIBs provided the Harbour Master and her team a quick ‘heads up’ display of where any RHIB is at any time amid all of that traffic. The system provides real-time alerts if a RHIB has had to respond to an emergency outside of a pre-established geofence and allows the team to replay the vessel’s movement and observe a trail of the vessel’s path. When a RHIB is back at the dock, the Harbour Master and her team can be assured their vessel will be ready for action from BRNKL’s battery monitoring, which provides alerts if the vessel’s batteries become discharged. As well, BRNKL’s bilge pump monitoring will send real-time alerts if a RHIB begins to take on water. The installation of BRNKL took a few short hours and was performed by one of the Harbour Patrol’s operators. So far, after several months of operation, Harbour Master McCooey said, “Having great data allows us to make better decisions about the safety and security of the Port. Knowing where our vessels are at all times is incredibly helpful for our oversight activities and for the safety of our patrollers. Fantastic product!”

“It’s been truly an honour to have BRNKL included as a way for our local Harbour Master to obtain more data from her operations. We are very proud to be supporting the Canadian government in their efforts to keep our waterways safe and secure,” concludes Barnacle’s CEO, Brandon Wright.

A summary of BRNKL features being used by Harbour Patrol:

  • Cellular communications
  • GPS tracking
  • Bilge/high water monitoring
  • House and starter battery voltage monitoring
  • Security (magnetic door contacts)
  • Strobe light monitoring (alert Harbour Master when the strobe light is turned on)
  • Ignition monitoring (track engine run time)
  • Shore power monitoring
  • Pitch and heel monitoring
  • Impact monitoring
  • Electrical cabinet temperature and humidity

About Barnacle Systems Inc.

Barnacle Systems Inc. is an award-winning security and monitoring company based in Victoria, BC, Canada. The team at Barnacle has developed an innovative new product, BRNKL, for boat owners who need to be able to check in on their vessel remotely from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Like a “home security system for your boat”, users can see inside of their vessel using an onboard camera while also monitoring critical alerts such as anchor drag, low batteries, loss of shore power and high-water. Unlike standard marine electronics that provide monitoring while onboard, Barnacle Systems provides a global cellular service for remote monitoring. Whether you’re at the dock, at home, or halfway around the world your boat is at your fingertips.

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