Satellite Tracking Kit

The Satellite Tracking Kit provides everything you need to keep tabs on your boat and its critical systems. With a satellite connection, you’ll always know where your boat is, even in areas with no cell service. This solution meets insurance requirements for onboard satellite tracking, letting you save up to 12% per year on your boat’s insurance. Learn more.*

*Actual savings vary depending on the insurance carrier and policy.


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Cellular and Satellite Plans Required

Celluar Plans

No overages. No roaming fees. Global coverage. Purchase your service plan when you activate your BRNKL.

Annual Cellular Service Plan: $300 CDN ($210 USD)
Monthly Cellular Service Plan: $29 CDN ($21 USD)

Satellite Plans

View sample plans here. Satellite plans can be paused at any time so you’re only paying for data when you’re using it.