Easy Install

30 minutes to 2 hours for both powerboats and sailboats


Global cellular coverage means updates from your boat whether it is at your local port or abroad

Low Power

‘Deep Sleep’ mode reduces power consumption


Watch our one-minute video demonstrating how BRNKL can provide you peace of mind.

What ’s Included?

Included in BRNKL is a wide array of built-in sensors and the ability to connect to other components of your boat


Check-in on your boat through the onboard camera

Anchor Alerts

Receive alerts if your boat floats outside of a geo-fence

Cabin Status

Monitor temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure

Motion Sensor

Trigger photographs on motion events

Impact Sensor

Receive notifications on sudden impact or violent movement

Shore Power

Receive alerts if shore power is disconnected

Bilge Activity

Monitor your bilge activity and alert on frequent bilge events


Know that your batteries are charged and healthy


Receive alerts if anyone opens a door or window

Engine Status

Check your engine run time

How would you like to be notified?

Confidently monitor your boat on your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch and computer from anywhere in the world

Smart Phone

Supports both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets

Smart Watch

Receive alerts directly to your smart watch


Are you ready to spend less time worrying about your boat and more time preparing for your next boating adventure?


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